Заголовок новости Сообщение от ДЦ OVH (ssd-2.just-hosting.ru)
30-03-2017, 22:09

To continue to improve and provide the best quality of service, we must replace some network equipment upstream of your server. This is to prepare for new infrastructures on our networks.
In order to accomplish this, we must make an intervention on rack 46A12 which contains your server ns339482.ip-37-187-250.eu , in datacenter RBX6

The intervention will take place on 4th of April 2017 between 11pm and 5am.

During the intervention, your server will be moved over to the new equipment. A one-minute loss in network connectivity is expected. Please note: 45 minutes after this one-minute loss of connectivity, there will be an additional loss in network connectivity that is expected to last for only a few seconds.
You can keep up with this intervention by following the following task:
We will make every effort to minimize the time of service interruption.
Thank you for your understanding.

4 апреля будет выполняться замена сетевого оборудования, планируется 2 перерыва в работе сети.
Страница сгенерирована за 0.00384 секунд / Количество MySQL запросов: 1 / Использовано оперативной памяти 2.41 MB
Cluster debug: node=4, connection=keep-alive, balancer=,geo=CIS:1;United States